Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First Annual Infodder/Virginia State Standards of Learning Quiz Competition!

JLab hosts a set of "Standards of Learning" tests for the fine state of Virginia. The questions are from science, math, and technology from the 2nd grade level to the 8th grade level. You can choose to answer 10, 20, or 40 multiple choice questions in random or fixed order from different subjects. At the end, you get a summary of your results. I got a 37/40 on a random selection of questions from all subject areas at all grade levels. The Algebra I portion of the test really killed me....on that note, I challenge you to a friendly competition! For a fair comparison, you'll have to select the same number of questions, same subjects, and same set of questions:

First Competition: 40 questions, Science 8, Technology 8, Earth Science => and then under "more options please": all years, all "strands", FIXED SET NUMBER 1

Second Competition: 40 questions, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry => and then under "more options please": all years, all "strands", FIXED SET NUMBER 1

Highest number of correct answers per minute will prevail. Post your score and time in the comments. Enjoy!


jaideep said...

my results:

first quiz: 19 minutes, 38/40

second quiz: 27 minutes, 39/40

Alan Rosenwinkel said...

first quiz: 15 min, 39/40
second quiz: 21 min, 39/40

Apparently I know a LOT more about rocks than I thought.

Alan Rosenwinkel said...

hmmm. I was hoping to have more people to trash talk . . . I guess it's just you and me, J. so ...


Donnie said...

Well, I am busy with work, but I took a break and took the first quiz. I had 39/40 in 11 minutes. I rushed since the whole goal is the number of correct answers per minute. :-D

I don't like these kinds of tests since sometimes you have to figure out what the test creator is looking for. Because sometimes you do approximate a rock as a sphere, and sometime you do print all ten pages and keep only page three. :-)

Donnie said...

Aww, I couldn't stay away. I did the second quiz too, which took 21 minutes and I got 38/40. The various word definitions did me in.

Caltech has nice fast Internet access; I wonder if that makes things easier/faster for me.

Alan Rosenwinkel said...

ouch! donnie crushed us on the rocks test! We got him on the middle school math one though :-)

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