Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How I waste my day

I spend an inordinate amount of time online everyday, mostly when I should be running a gel or something. To get things rolling, here are the sites that I go to just about every day:

news.google.com - I've seen other cool news sites, and I'd rather a more directed news feed, but I still find myself going here first every day.

www.volokh.com - A law blog. Some things are interesting, some aren't, and the commenters are actually pretty reasonable (by blog standards).

www.kausfiles.com - The resident blogger on Slate. Mostly politics, where he is firmly in the center, with blogging on cars, the media, and whatever else is handy. Also started a video blog, www.bloggingheads.tv that's often enjoyable to me at least.

www.baseballthinkfactory.com - Home for baseball talk of all sorts. I mostly visit Sox Therapy. I also have a subscription to baseball prospectus, but they haven't had as much solid material lately.

www.digg.com - Less straightforward news than google, but often some good stuff here. Voting by users might be a better way to screen out information than a single authoritative source (like boingboing) or random webcrawling (like google).

www.fark.com - Another way to do "news" - submit & approve.

news.nature.com - Well, I am supposed to be a scientist, so I check this out every once in a while.

I often find myself checking plane fares just about every day, but we'll save those and other useful sites for another day.

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