Thursday, March 29, 2007

Travel Websites

Here in Connecticut it feels like spring is finally here. And I don't think any of us really travel any more during spring and summer than we do in winter (I for one try to get out of New England at least once during winter), but this is what passes for a segue on this blog. So, here are the travel sites I use most often. Please add in your favorites in the comments, and we'll post the on the sidebar to your right (unless you're looking at your screen from the other direction, then it's on the left, and you have x-ray vision). - So good, we mentioned it in the first post. A meta-search engine, with exceptional data presentation. It also forecasts whether the fare will go up or down, but that's actually not the main reason to like it. is another good meta-search engine. Both send you to the airline at the end and save you the $5. - Once you've picked your flight, pick the right seats. Shows what seats have a little more legroom, a power outlet, or won't recline. - I have to pimp my favorite rental car company. They rented to me when I was under twenty-five, and I've stuck with them. It helps that they're cheap and competent. If you book online, especially from neighboorhood locations and/or on the weekend, you can get ridiculously cheap deals. While I don't have collision insurance my Caltech Visa covers it as long as I use it to pay - check with your credit card info. By declining their insurance, which is a ripoff, I often get a decent car for about $20/day. - I haven't used their website very much, but it seems that much of the information for their top notch guidebooks is available.
- A site for last minute package deals, the same as travelocity's last-minute engine. I really like that you can have two people leaving from different cities and then sharing hotel and car in the destination city.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, so add on in the comments.

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Alan Rosenwinkel said...

In addition to some of the ones Dave mentioned, I use:

Expedia, Hotwire, Southwest Airlines

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