Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Google Map of My Favorite Restuarants

Google's new My Maps feature allows you to customize the standard Google map with your own locations, adding comments, photos and even video. I took the opportunity to compile a map of my favorite restaurants around the country. See it here. I'm sure you all have favorite restaurants too, so if you'd like, share in the comments. I'll be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and New York this summer, and I LOVE a good meal :-) For those of you who are allergic to Google, here are my favorite restaurants in table form.

Dalessandro's Steaks - 600 Wendover St
Penang Malaysian Cuisine - 117 N 10th St

Jamaican Jerk Hut - 1436 South St
Salumeria - 45 N 12th St

Rangoon Burmese Restaurant -112 N 9th St
La Viola - 253 S 16th St
Cafe Lutecia -2301 Lombard St

La Locanda Del Ghiottone - 130 N 3rd St
New Delhi Indian Restaurant - 4004 Chestnut St
Pattaya Grill - 4006 Chestnut St
El Azteca - 714 Chestnut St
Sabrina's Cafe -910 Christian St
Tuscany Cafe -222 W Rittenhouse Sq # 222
Pho 75 -1122 Washington Ave # F
Pho Cali Vietnamese Restaurant Inc - 1000 Arch St
Vietnam Restaurant - 221 N 11th St

Other Cities
Mattapoisett Chowder House - Mattapoisett, MA
Friedhelm's Bavarian Restaurant & Bar -Fredericksburg, TX
Border Cafe - Cambridge, MA
Claim Jumper Restaurant - Monrovia, CA

Top Restaurant - Pasadena, CA
Harpoon Hannah's - Fenwick Island, DE


dave hiller said...

I second Dalessandro's and Cafe Lutecia. I'll add in a few more, though probably not helpful to Alan:

Kool Kone, Wareham MA - You probably had to grow up with it to put it on this list. :)

Cathay Temple, Mattapoisett MA - Yeah, yeah, Chinese food in a small town in Massachusetts.

Gregg's, several locations in RI/MA - Comfort food is obviously very important to me.

Hemisphere, Sandwich MA - Changed names recently but last time I stopped by it was still good, and the location is tough to beat.

Il Fornaio, Pasadena and elsewhere - A chain but I remember really liking it.

Puebla Tacos, Pasadena, CA - Good, cheap, and open late.

La Super Rica, Santa Barbara, CA - Was one of Julia Child's favorite restaurants. The Kool Kone of Mexican food, except featured in the NYT.

Sage & Onion, Santa Barbara, CA - SB has no shortage of nice food but this is my favorite (of the ones I had the chance to try).

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA - Again, good food cheap.

Cold Springs Tavern, Santa Barbara, CA - Interesting food and an awesome location. Be aware, lunch and dinner menus are very different.

Modern Apizza, New Haven, CT - Pepe's and Sally's are the famous ones, but many locals favor Modern. Takeout is not as good as eat-in (two different kitchens, and the ovens make a difference).

Nica's Market, New Haven, CT - Gourmet market with sandwiches and hot meals for takeout.

Sandra's Place, New Haven, CT - More comfort food.

Rudy's Bar & Grill, New Haven, CT - Frites!!!!!!!!!!!! and beer.

I'm sure there are more worth mentioning that I've forgotten. Maybe I should make my own map.

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