Thursday, April 5, 2007

What are your favorite sites?

Way back in the beginning, sometime last week, I told everyone the sites I visit every day. So, if anyone is reading this, I'd like to hear about the sites everyone else goes to. If it's interesting enough for you someone else will probably think it is too. You don't even have to put a fancy link to it, although if you want to and don't already know, the format is:
<a href="the url you want to link to">the text you want underlined</a>.

If it's not family-friendly, make sure to mark it NSFW.

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Alan Rosenwinkel said...

My favorites:

Wikipediea - User updated encyclopedia

CNN - Great for breaking news

ESPN - Sports

Visual Thesaurus - Visually well-presented thesaurus

Internet Movie Database - Everything you ever wanted to know about movies, including user ratings

WebMonkey - Information and tutorials for writing your own web page

CNET - Reviews and specifications for everything electronic, plus freeware/shareware software downloads

Hoax Busters - Look up that mass mail to see if it's a hoax before you forward it to everyone in your address book. I'll save you some time . . . It's a hoax.

The Wayback Machine - Archived webpages, arranged by date. See what looked like in 1997, for example.

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