Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why I hardly ever post to this thing

From the number of updates there have been recently, it seems like this blog experiment is in it's last clutches of life. Perhaps that's just because it's summer and Alan and Dave have better things to do now that the weather is nice. I've wondered why I don't post to the blog very often, and figured since no else is either, I would list my reasons and everyone else could list theirs and that would increase content, at least briefly. So, here goes:

1) It's painfully slow for me. I am an extremely deliberative writer, for better or worse (probably worse). Practically, this means that it takes me between one and two hours to produce any typical entry. It just doesn't really seem worth the effort to me. Of course, this entry is typed straight in and is not deliberate in any way, so will take a total of about 5 minutes (I'm a decent enough typist).

2) I don't really have much interesting to say. The information that I choose to access is generally either too specialized (for work), too dated (I mostly read big old books on history), or too commonplace (cnn, bbc, espn, etc.) to be worthwhile in a post format. I don't really run across much in the way of truly interesting internet articles, at least what I would consider interesting to a wider audience. In my opinion, this leaves two serious options for things I would post about if I were to post on a regular basis--carefully researched opinion articles on a topic that strikes my interest and general, under-informed rants. I don't really see the point in either of those.

Those are my excuses for not posting much. Does anyone even care? If anyone have their own reasons for not posting here much (other blog/ interesting life/ etc.), it would be interesting (to me, at least) to read.


jaideep said...

a blog post about why you don't post...well played! the big book of irony would approve!

RE: point (1): it certainly takes alot of energy to put alot of stuff down on type.

RE: point (2): i don't know about that. i would certainly be interested in learning about the "specialist" stuff or the big old history books. i like history, but the books are too big for me.

i blog mainly (1) to archive articles/ideas for future reference and/or (2) as passively as possible to let other people of some "cool" stuff i've come across.

part of the problem for me is deciding whether to post stuff here or my own blog. i really have found no criteria for that.

what i've found is that, every now and then, i'll read about a particular story or idea over the course of several weeks or months from different sources. eventually all that stuff starts to coalesce into a "big post" like that one on plagiarism. but not every post is like that. sometimes i just make a list of links to articles that i thought were interesting.

so, what have you been reading these days?

Alan Rosenwinkel said...

I stopped posting because I felt like I was largely talking to myself, so I thought my time better spent doing more reading and less writing.

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